WWW.sinks-export.COM (Newstar Stone) is one of producer of various stone sinks, which established by NEWSTAR STONE AND LEIDE STONE, located at the home of China Sculpture Center-Huian of China, we have our owned factory, What we products included Stone sinks
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Manufacturers & Exporters of China Natural Stone Sinks Products and Handicrafts
Our factory can make your sinks as per your design, color, and other requirements.
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www.sinks-export.com (Newstar  Stone) specializes in producing and exporting of stone sink series, which cooperated between two key Stone-Exporting Stone company in China-- Newstar Stone & Leide Stone. Our products include Stone sinks, Kitchen stone sinks, Bathroom Stone sink, Bar sinks, which include of granite sinks, marble sink, sandstone sinks, onyx sink, travertine sinks, limestone sink, mosaic sink, kitchen stone bowl, bath stone bowl, granite bowl and basins, marble bowl and basin, sandstone basins and bowls, onyx bowls and basins, limestone basins and bowls, stone vessel sinks etc. Our Stone Sinks,Bowls & Vessel Sinks are available in over 200 unique styles and 60 stone types,from onyx, marble,granite,travertine,limestone,sandstone ,bluestone,etc.

www.sinks-export.com (Newstar  Stone) welcomes you to experience our line of luxurious stone sinks and bowls, basins, vessels crafted out of the beautiful stone, onyx ,granite, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and more kinds of stones. Also we make all kinds of kitchen and bathroom stone such as stone faucet, tubs, tray shower etc, we are an directly manufacturer of Stone sinks series, which prefabricated by our highly stone Carving technical stonemason and designer. You can choose the colorful stone sinks as your home or hotel decoration, also for your opening for new business. Now we ship most of our stone Sinks Series to world wide, especially for the US and Canadian and Europe market,If you are interested in these products or our company please feel free to contact us , email us: export@newstarchina.com!

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